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Intercom systems have proven positive effective for home security in this crime-prone world. This system not only enables people to tighten the security measures of the homes but also to avoid unwanted or unwelcome visitors like salesmen.

Intercom system automatically takes your home security to a whole new level. The system is so designed that it makes a connection between the external front-door unit and the interior of the house using speakers & microphones. Thus, whenever someone presses the door bells, you are instantly alerted and you can directly speak to the visitor (from the safety of your interiors), ask him to introduce himself or the reason for his presence. Being a two-way communication device, Intercom also enables the visitor to answer back to you and thus you can make up your mind on whether the visitor is familiar& expected or stranger & suspicious. Thus, any untoward incident of forced entry by a crook can be avoided.

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